Saline Breast Implants by Dr. Marco Saucedo

The saline breast implant is filled with saline solution. This type of implant was developed to facilitate a more conservative surgical technique using smaller and fewer cuts to the breast.

We first place an empty implant above or below the chest muscle or pectoralis muscle (This is known as the sub muscular and sub glandular placement).

The implant is then filled with sterile saline solution to the desired size.

At this time the patient can be positioned sitting up and fine adjustments can be made. We can add more volume to correct for breast differences.

The incisions for saline implants are 2 to 3 centimeters and usually well hidden.

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Patient Before and After Photos

37 year old hispanic female after 3 kids. Before, 1 and 2 weeks after photos of Brazilian Butt Lift with Vaser lipo. Patient will be having tummy tuck in 3 months. We will post updates as she progresses.

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