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When women have periods or menstruate part of the menstrual blood moves backwards through the fallopian tubes and can implant along the ovaries and colon and other structures. Each subsequent menses stimulates these implants to grow and bleeding occurs in the pelvis causing inflammation can cause adhesions and infertility if blockage of the fallopian tubes occurs. Implants that occur along nerves and ligaments result in pelvic pain and pain with sex and deep penetration. Proper diagnosis is critical in limiting the damage caused by endometriosis. Interstitial cystitis refers to pain that results when the lining of the inside of the bladder comes off and causes pain as a result. We are not sure why this happens to women more than men but early diagnosis is important to start behavior that stabilizes the problem. There are various medicines that also help to regrow the glycogen lining of the bladder mucosa. Pelvic tumors both cancerous and non cancerous can cause pain with sex. Patients should call immediately if they are experiencing new pain in the pelvis that persists for more than one week. Various tumors of the ovary and fallopian tubes exist that cause pain with the movement of intercourse or as they grow and compress other organs. Most of these tumors are easily diagnosed in my office and the exams are covered by all insurance plans. Most of these tumors can be removed with advanced laporoscopic surgery techniques that i offer in my surgery clinic. These are a few of the many reasons women suffer with pain during sex and I encourage patients to call for an evaluation if they are having these symptoms. Please call the office if you have any questions