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Dyspareunia (pain with sex)

This is a sensitive topic for women often because of the fear of the causes. Many patients that come to my office tell me that they delayed coming in out of fear of what I might find. There are many causes for dyspareunia and I strongly encourage women to come in for a consultation. Most problems are treatable and women can start having a better quality of life. Remember not to live in denial and learn to live with the pain. Eventually your relationship with your partner and family suffer because the friction that arises as women avoid there partners and this relationship stress affects the whole family.

Infection can cause pain with sex from the inflammation caused by the organism. The sooner the diagnosis is made the lesser the chance of permanent damage and chronic pain. Douching or cleaning the vagina with vinegar can push normal vaginal bacteria in the pelvis and cause pain or pelvic inflammatory disease (PID). I recommend that women never douche, it not only causes infection but it is not necessary because the vagina has a natural cleaning mechanism. Sexually transmitted diseases like Gonorrhea and Chlamydia also cause PID from sever inflammation. These infections can damage the fallopian tube so bad that women have trouble getting pregnant. These organisms can cause slow damage without many symptoms so I recommend that all my patients get screened every year with the Pap smear to be sure they have not been exposed.